Podcast Episodes

February 16, 2022

Understanding Your Child’s Behavior Spiral

Just at the moment that our teens are pushing for ultimate freedom and treatment like adults, they need our guidance and to dialogue about choices around values. That sounds easier said than done. Read this month's blog by Nick Lawrence, a foster and adoptive Dad, Family Resiliency Coach and Founder of Tools for Life, to get pointers on helping your children form their own values to keep the communication open starting young, to last a lifetime!
January 19, 2022

Applying the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard While Fostering

Have you ever been confused about when and for how long you can leave your foster child with a caregiver? Do you have to get permission from the social worker? Listen to this month's podcast with Emily Kaiser for an inside scoop on the reasoning behind the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard for the state of California and explore common applications. Emily Kaiser, LCSW, is not only an adoptive professional, but also an adoptive Mom and Auntie!
December 15, 2021

Recapturing Missed Attachment

Don't stress about your child's attachment! It can form later and at any point. Listen to this month's just released podcast on "Recapturing Missed Attachment" with Donna Erickson, MA. Find hope in her sharing how to relax and strengthen attachment with children who joined your family through foster care, adoption or kinship placements.
November 17, 2021

Supporting Your Foster and Adoptive Child’s Learning

Does your child struggle with learning? Listen to the Help One Child's newest podcast with Jennifer Giese,MS, a school psychologist and resource parent, as she shares on how foster/adoptive parents can better support their children's education.
October 20, 2021

Strengthening Your Relationships and Marriage While Parenting High Needs Kids

Strengthen your relationships and marriage! Parenting children is hard work and can take a toll on marital bliss. Listen in to this month's podcast with Laura Beth DeHority, LMFT, as she shares about common marriage challenges and solutions faced while parenting children from hard places.
September 22, 2021

Anger Styles and Management

Often foster and adoptive parents hope love will be enough. It's not. It's complicated and filled with emotion. Listen to this month's newly released podcast with Donna Erickson, MA, specifically addressing anger and frustration. Sharpen your ability to manage frustration and anger, so you can model healthy expressions to your children.
August 18, 2021

Engaging Curiosity with Our Dysregulated Children

Have you ever thought of your parenting role including emotion detective? Dysregulation, better known as a meltdown, is going to happen. Meltdowns are fueled with emotion and are difficult for parents and children alike. Listen to this month's just released podcast episode to learn more about strengthening your curiosity and toolbox of other parenting skills. David Bergesen, MFT shares his wisdom and expertise as an adoptive grandparent and therapist who has worked with trauma exposed youth and their families for over 35 years as founder of COFY, Community Options for Family and Youth in Contra Costa County, serving kids in tbs, probation, and residential programs, many with IEPs and mental health needs.
July 21, 2021


How does a cluttered home relate to trauma? Or does it? Listen in to this month’s podcast on simplifying all facets of family life to address children’s trauma-related behavior challenges. Claudia Mercier, MA, shares insight from 25+ years of parenting, adopting and fostering.